I am a Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in philosophy at the University of Hamburg. I work primarily in metaphysics and the philosophy of science, and I have further research interests in logic, the philosophy of physics and the philosophy of language. I also have teaching interests in the history of philosophy. Before coming to Hamburg, I held positions at UNC–Chapel Hill and UNAM.

I received a PhD in philosophy from NYU, where my advisor was Kit Fine, and a BA in mathematics and philosophy from Yale. When I'm not doing philosophy, I like to play guitar.

Published articles

The Difference between Epistemic and Metaphysical Necessity, forthcoming in Synthese. (abstract)

Being Someone Else, forthcoming in Becoming Someone New: Essays on Transformative Experience, Choice, and Change, edited by Enoch Lambert and John Schwenkler, to appear with Oxford University Press. (abstract)

Essentialist Explanation (2017), Philosophical Studies 174: 2871–2889. (abstract)

Laws and the Completeness of the Fundamental (2016), in Reality Making, ed. Mark Jago, 11–37. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (abstract)

Selected work in progress

Ground and Explanation, commissioned for the Routledge Handbook of Metaphysical Grounding, ed. Mike Raven. London: Routledge. (abstract)


I will be giving comments on Sam Baron's paper "Counterfactual Scheming" at the FraMEPhys/Gothenburg Conference on Metaphysical Explanation in Science, to be held at the University of Birmingham in January.


Universität Hamburg
Philosophisches Seminar
Überseering 35, Postfach #4
22297 Hamburg